Benefits of the Proposal

The scheme will provide significant benefits to the local area as follows:

  • A significant contribution towards meeting the forecast demand for rental housing accommodation in Ely.
  • Professionally managed rental homes which offer a high level of customer service and security of tenure for residents to promote a sense of local community.
  • Maximising the use of a sustainably located previously developed brownfield site to reduce the use of greenfield sites for development.
  • Affordable housing provision.
  • New purpose built flexible commercial floorspace suitable for small and medium size business which could accommodate around 100 jobs.
  • Further employment opportunities for the local community, including construction related jobs during the development stage, and, at the operational phase, the opportunity for local companies to be involved in the ongoing management and maintenance contracts for the Build to Rent housing and commercial floorspace.
  • Significant improvements to the visual appearance of the local area though high-quality design and landscaping.
  • Biodiversity and ecological improvements through the provision of new open space and landscape areas, and via improved accessibility to the County Wildlife Site.
  • Improvements to accessibility and permeability in the local area through the provision of specific pedestrian and cycle routes through the site, and improvements associated with the existing right of way.
  • Economic and social benefits of residents using local shops, services and facilities.