What Is Being Proposed?

The proposal will provide around 110 Build to Rent homes, including a mix of apartments and family houses, all with private balconies or gardens. The proposal will include high quality landscaped amenity space and parking for residents and visitors. New commercial floorspace providing around 16,000 sq ft (1,500 sq m) of modern purpose built, flexible floorspace suitable for small and medium size businesses will also be provided.

The scale and massing of the development ranges across the site, with lower density family housing towards the west and higher density apartments towards the east, fronting Angel Drove, which provides a main access point into the City. The increased scale and massing along Angel Drove serves as a ‘marker’ along this main route into the City.

Vehicle access to the site will be provided from the existing Angel Drove roundabout junction. Pedestrians will be able to access the County Wildlife area to the north of the site and beyond.


All homes will have an allocated parking space, with extra spaces for visitors. The parking spaces will be provided in a mix of off street, forecourt and undercroft car parking.

At the north west boundary of the site, there is an existing Right of Way which connects to Potter’s Lane / Dovehouse Close. However, this has become overgrown and unused. Adjacent to this there is an informal path which is utilised in place of the formal Right of Way. The development will seek to formally divert the Right of Way to the route of the informal path. This will be included as part of the hard and soft landscaping proposals associated with the proposed development, to ensure accessibility and permeability for existing and future residents and members of the local community to the wildlife site and the surrounding areas.

What are Build to Rent (BTR) Homes?

BTR homes are owned and operated by one owner and offer high quality professionally managed rental accommodation. They provide high levels of customer service for their residents and can create a strong sense of local community. BTR can provide greater security of tenure for occupants and will increase the choice of good quality rental accommodation available for the local housing market. The proposed scheme can make a significant contribution towards the forecast demand for rental accommodation in Ely.

The design of the new homes and apartments will be based on best practice guidance and exemplar developments, taking account of the design context and history of the site and its surroundings. A focal amenity area will be designed to create an attractive open space adjacent to the existing County Wildlife area, where community activities could be organised, and neighbours can meet.

What kind of commercial space will be provided?

The proposal includes around 16,000 sq.ft (1,500 sq.m) of new purpose built flexible ‘business’ floorspace (Use Class E). This will be suitable for a variety of business uses in particular small and medium size local start up businesses. The new commercial space could accommodate around 100 new jobs.