CD5.1 Completed Application Forms including Ownership and Agricultural Holdings Certificates

CD5.2 Site Location Plan

CD5.3 Building Heights parameter plan

CD5.4 Green and Blue Infrastructure parameter plan

CD5.5 Land use parameter plan

CD5.6 Movement parameter plan

CD5.7 Indicative Recreation

CD5.8 Masterplan

CD5.9 Indicative Phasing Plan

CD5.10 Design and Access Statement

CD5.11 Planning Statement

CD5.12 Housing Report

CD5.13 Information for Habitat Regulations Assessment

CD5.14 Statement of Community Involvement

CD5.15 Utilities Assessment

CD5.16 Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment

CD5.17 Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy

CD5.18 Lower Rainham ES Main Text Chapters

CD5.19 Lower Rainham ES Non – Technical Summary


CD5.20 1.1 Screening Opinion and Response

CH5.21 1.2 Scoping Report Rainham

CH5.22 1.3 Statement of Competence

CH5.23 8.1 Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy

CD5.24 9.1 Phase 1 Ground Condition Assessment

CH5.25 10.1 Transport Assessment

CH5.26 10.2 Framework Travel Plan

CH5.27 11.1 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

CH5.28 12.1 Air Quality Impact Assessment Approach

CH5.29 12.2 Traffic Data for AQ

CH5.30 12.3 Future Year emissions Calculations

CH5.31 12.4 Model Verification

CH5.32 12.5 DEFRA Background Concentrations

CH5.33 12.6 Wind Rose

CH5.34 12.7 Predicted Pollutant Concentrations

CH5.35 13.1 Agricultural Land Classification and Soils Resources

CH5.36 13.2 The Farm Business Horticulture and Agricultural Issues and Constraints

CH5.37 14.1 Archaeology Desk Based Assessment

CH5.38 14.2 Pleistocene and Paleolithic Desk Based Assessment

CH5.39 14.3 Heritage Setting Assessment

CH5.40 15.1 Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

CH5.41 15.2 Bat Activity Survey

CH5.42 15.3 Badger Survey

CH5.43 15.4 Breeding Birds Survey

CH5.44 15.5 Reptile Survey

CH5.45 15.6 GCN eDNA Letter of Report