STATUS: Consultation

ADDRESS: Balsall Common, Kenilworth Road

A new Lidl for Balsall Common

Lidl would like to bring a new store to Balsall Common at Kenilworth Road, located to the north of the A452 Roundabout where Kenilworth Road meets Hallmeadow Road.

Site Background

The site currently comprises undeveloped land. The site is bounded by Kenilworth Road to the west, a train track to the east, a small copse and Hallmeadow Road to the south, and an antiques shop and farm building to the north. Residential dwellings and a vehicle repair shop are located opposite the site on the other side of Kenilworth Road. The land to the west of the site is allocated for housing (230 homes) in the emerging Solihull Local Plan (reference: BC5).

Balsall Common village centre is located approximately 0.9 km to the south of the site.

The Proposal

The Lidl store will feature an attractive glazed and metal panel frontage with feature brick detailing, in addition to a car parking area and high quality landscaping.

The proposed site access would provide priority for right turners into the site across the southbound flow on Kenilworth Road. The southbound road has been realigned to the north of the site to provide a roundabout-style access as shown. This arrangement will slow vehicle speeds as they approach the store and Balsall Common. The proposals also include an upgrade of the existing uncontrolled crossing of Kenilworth Road to the north of Hallmeadow Road roundabout to a Toucan-style crossing to assist with accessibility for and to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

The new store would extend to 2,277 sq m gross internal area with a net sales area of 1,414 sq m. A total of 120 car parking spaces would be created for the store, including 7 disabled spaces, 9 parent & child spaces and 2 electric vehicle rapid charging spaces. 12 cycle parking spaces are also proposed.

It is proposed that the Lidl store will be open between the hours of:

  • 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday (including Bank Holidays); and
  • 10am to 4pm Sundays.

The store would normally receive a maximum of two deliveries per day. All store waste will be stored internally within the warehouse area and will be collected by the same delivery vehicles, therefore minimising HGV movements within the site.

Benefits of the Proposed Development

The new Lidl store will provide the following benefits to the local area:

  • A store that will provide a clean and new shopping experience to meet the needs of customers
  • A dedicated in-store bakery and a commitment to providing food from sustainable sources
  • Improved shopping choice and provision of a new discount foodstore
  • A high-quality building design that will complement the surrounding area
  • Rapid electric vehicle charging points
  • Solar panels to provide a sustainable source of energy for the store
  • Up to 40 new jobs for local people, in accordance with the Living Wage Foundation rate for all eligible employees and no zero hours contracts
  • Landscaping throughout the site

Have your say

At Lidl, we know our success depends on the people we work with and the people who choose to shop with us. We recognise that providing high quality products at industry leading prices is only part of the story; the environment in which our customers do their shopping completes the experience. We would like to invite you to provide us with your thoughts on our proposal to open a new Lidl store in Balsall Common.

Please register your feedback and provide any comments online using the web address or QR code below:

Email us at

Alternatively, you can also provide your comments via the return slip below or telephone using this number: 0800 089 0361.

We would welcome your comments on our proposal by 05 December 2021, as all feedback will be taken into consideration.

Consultation Documents: 

Balsall Common Consultation Leaflet – click here
Site plan – click here