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ADDRESS: British Sugar office site, Sugar Way, Peterborough PE2 9AY

Opportunity to comment

Thank you to everyone who attended the public consultation event on Thursday 24th August at the Nene Valley Community Centre. 

There is still an opportunity to provide your comments on the proposals. You can download a copy of the response card from the public consultation event and return this to us (scanned versions by email are acceptable). We would welcome your comments by Sunday 3rd September as all feedback will be taken into consideration when finalising the proposal.

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Please note there is an accessible site layout plan (in greyscale) now available in the downloads section below.



British Sugar is relocating their headquarters to a brand new building in Cygnet Park, Hampton. The new office accommodation will meet the ongoing and future requirements of the company’s headquarters operation, leaving the current 2.46 ha office site on Sugar Way available for redevelopment. British Sugar is committed to securing planning permission for the regeneration of the existing office site for the benefit of the local community and the City of Peterborough. Prior to submitting a planning application, we are seeking your views about draft plans to develop a new residential neighbourhood and Lidl foodstore on the site.


Site description and history

Historically, the site functioned as administrative offices for British Sugar’s Peterborough factory. The former factory site has now been redeveloped as a primarily residential scheme including the Valley Park Centre and Nene Valley Primary School. The existing office buildings on the site were originally constructed in the 1970s, with various extensions added over the following decades.




The site is bound to the north and north east by residential dwellings, with a pedestrian pathway running directly adjacent to the eastern boundary. A vacant site adjoins the site to the east. To the south, the site is bound by Oundle Road, with residential dwellings opposite. To the west, the site is bound by Sugar Way, with the Valley Park Centre beyond. Nene Valley Primary School lies to the north west of the site, to the north of the local centre.

The site is located within the Urban Area of Peterborough as defined in the Peterborough Core Strategy Development Plan Document, but is otherwise not subject to any planning policy allocation or designation.



The development proposal comprises a new residential neighbourhood with up to 70 dwellings along with a new Lidl foodstore, which will be located opposite Valley Park Centre. The planning application will be submitted in ‘hybrid’ form, comprising both an ‘outline’ and ‘full’ application.

The residential neighbourhood application will be submitted in outline form at this stage. This means that important principles such as the maximum number of dwellings and details of the site access will be agreed with the Council as part of the current application. Further details, including architectural design and landscaping, will be developed at a later date (the reserved matters stage). Therefore, the plans for the residential neighbourhood available in the downloads section are indicative only.

A full (detailed) planning application will be submitted for the Lidl foodstore.


Outline Proposal for a New Residential neighbourhood

The development proposal includes a residential neighbourhood, which will provide up to 70 dwellings.


Indicative Site Layout
Indicative Site Layout


A site of this size could potentially accommodate the following mix of units, which is considered appropriate in this location:

  • 16 two-bedroom
  • 40 three-bedroom; and
  • 14 four-bedroom.

Two three-storey apartment buildings are proposed along the site’s southern boundary, with frontage onto Oundle Road. The new residential neighbourhood will be accessed via a roundabout from Sugar Way, with new roads to be constructed within the site. Dedicated resident parking will be provided within the site.

Although full details of the design will follow at a later date, it is envisaged that the proposed houses and flats will reflect the existing architecture in the surrounding area.

Existing houses in the local area surrounding the site


Full details of the plans can be found in the ‘downloads’ section below.


A New Lidl for Peterborough

A new Lidl foodstore is proposed to occupy the western section of the site, equating to 0.9 ha in size. The new store will extend to 2,200 sq. metres Gross External Area (GEA), including a net retail sales area of 1,325 sq. metres. A dedicated in-store bakery will be located close to the main entrance.

Access to the Lidl car park will be taken via a roundabout from Sugar Way. The car park will provide 145 parking spaces, including 8 disabled spaces and 8 parent and child spaces, which will be positioned close to the customer entrance. The delivery bay will be located along the site’s northern boundary.

Dedicated pedestrian access will be provided from both Oundle Road and Sugar Way, giving direct access to the store entrance through the car park.


Proposed Lidl site layout



The store will feature glazed frontage to Oundle Road, with the car park extending to the south and west.



It is proposed that the store will be open between the hours of:

  • 7am to 10pm Monday to Saturday (including Bank Holidays); and
  • 10am to 4pm Sunday.

Normally there will be a maximum of two HGV deliveries to the store per day. All store waste will be collected at the same time as the deliveries to minimise HGV movements within the site.


Benefits of the proposal




The new Lidl foodstore will provide the following benefits to the south of Peterborough:

  • Improved shopping choice and provision of a new mainstream discount retail operator;
  • A brand new store that will provide a clean and fresh shopping experience to meet the needs of customers;
  • A dedicated in-store bakery;
  • A contemporary building design that will complement the surrounding area;
  • 40 employment opportunities for local residents; and
  • Living Wage Foundation rate for all eligible employees and no zero hours contracts




Full details of the plans can be found in the ‘downloads’ section below.


Transportation and Access



To understand the implications of the proposed redevelopment of the site a transport assessment will be prepared to support the planning application. This document will analyse the existing travel patterns to and from the site and forecast future traffic patterns using survey data and computer models.

Capacity assessments of nearby junctions will be carried out to ensure that they can operate safely and within capacity when the additional new trips generated by the development are added to the network. These appraisals will also take into account wider traffic growth forecasts within Peterborough.

An initial assessment of the various transportation modes and transport infrastructure serving the site has been carried out for the proposed development, with the findings summarised below and in the map above/below.



The site is located within an established, predominantly residential urban area immediately adjacent to the Valley Park Centre, which includes shops, a health centre and Nene Valley Primary School. The site is already located at a local focal point at the junction of Oundle Road and Sugar Way, which is reflected in the good level of pedestrian infrastructure in the local area.

The footways adjacent to the site are well-lit and are wide enough to facilitate two-way pedestrian movement. Pedestrian crossing points with dropped kerbs and tactile paving are provided at nearby junctions. Pelican crossings are located at the junction of Oundle Road and Sugar Way and to the south east of the site near Bakers Lane.

The Lidl foodstore will be located within walking distance of nearby residential areas, allowing both customers and employees from the local area to access the site on foot.



The Peterborough Millennium Green Wheel is an extensive network of cycle routes which encircle the city, providing radial routes into the city centre. A key radial route is National Cycle Route 53 which runs along the eastern boundary of the site. Route 53 connects the site to the railway station and city centre with a combination of traffic-free paths or lightly trafficked roads. In addition, there are multiple local off-road cycle routes located within the vicinity of the site.

The cycle routes bring the majority of Peterborough within a 5 km cycle distance of the site (a 20 minute cycle ride).


Public Transport

There are bus stops located on Oundle Road which are served by regular bus services on routes including Citi 1. Bus services allow passengers to reach the city centre, Wistow, Werrington, Burton Latimer and Thrapston from the site.

The city centre bound bus stop is well equipped with level boarding, shelter, seating and real-time passenger information.  The outbound stop has level boarding with a post and flag.

Peterborough railway station is located approximately 2.5 km from the site. There are regular services from this station to Norwich, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and London.



Office uses tend to generate large flows of car traffic to and from the site at peak times, with relatively little movement during evenings and at the weekend. The proposed development of a residential neighbourhood and Lidl foodstore on the site is expected to generate similar traffic patterns during the weekday peak periods. As the majority of supermarket trips during these periods are likely to be from people already making a trip for another purpose, such as travelling to school, work or to do their shopping, traffic on Oundle Road should reduce slightly.



The office site currently generates servicing trips from HGVs carrying out refuse collections or making deliveries.

The proposed uses will also generate servicing trips. The Lidl foodstore will generate a maximum of 2 HGV deliveries per day.  All store waste will be collected at the same time as the deliveries in order to minimise HGV movements within the site.

The proposed residential neighbourhood will generate demand for refuse collections, although refuse collections and deliveries are already a feature of the existing residential areas in the vicinity of Sugar Way. Therefore, any change to the volume of HGV movements generated by the proposed development is expected to be small by comparison to the existing condition.




Proposed Indicative Site Layout – click here

Proposed Site Layout (Lidl store) – click here

Proposed Elevations (Lidl store) – click here

Transport Map –  click here

Accessible plan of proposed layout – click here