STATUS: Consultation

ADDRESS: Saffron Walden


On behalf of Endurance Estates (Saffron Walden) Ltd, Rapleys LLP is preparing a planning application for a comprehensive redevelopment of the former Pulse Packing factory at Land to the South of Radwinter Road, Saffron Walden, CB11 3HY.

The purpose of this website is to provide an opportunity for local residents, businesses and community representatives to learn about our draft proposals and provide comments to help shape the preparation of a planning application. It also enables you to view the public consultation leaflet, which was recently sent to local addresses, as well as download the most recent plans for the site. The website will also set out detailed information about each element of the scheme, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Highways and information on how you can get in touch and support the scheme if you like our proposals.


The application site currently comprises a large industrial unit with associated car parking and landscaping which was formerly occupied by Pulse Flexible Packaging Company located within Saffron Walden. The scheme proposes the demolition of existing building and redevelopment of the site to deliver a Lidl foodstore, a care home operated by Care UK and retirement living apartment block operated by Churchill Retirement Living. The proposal also includes car parking and a high-quality landscape scheme to improve the visual amenity of the site.

The Site

The site currently comprises a purpose-built warehouse/industrial building (Class B2/B8) constructed in 1977 with associated offices and car parking.  The site is roughly rectangular in shape measuring 2.01ha with an existing access taken from Radwinter Road to the north which will be utilised as part of the redevelopment. The site has been vacant since 2017 where Pulse Flexible Packaging Ltd went into administration. Through marketing of the site by the administrators and their selling agent, there has been little demand for Industrial use class in this area and therefore the site is falling into disrepair and therefore offers an excellent opportunity to redevelop a currently redundant previously developed, brownfield site for a mixed use development.

From planning perspective, the site is located within Flood Zone 1 which is at a low risk of flooding and is not located within a Conservation Area or near to any Listed Buildings. It is noted that the trees on the northern boundary of the site are subject to the Tree Preservation Order (‘TPO’).

Surrounding Area

The site is surrounded by a variety of uses including a mixture of industrial, office, residential and retail uses. To the north and east of the site there are residential areas. To the south there are a number of commercial and industrial buildings accommodating a mixture of businesses. Further to the south east of the site lies a Tesco Superstore, to the west is a graveyard and beyond this is further residential area.

The Proposed Development

The site is surrounded by a variety of uses including a mixture of industrial, office, residential and retail uses. To the north and east of the site there are residential areas. To the south there are a number of commercial and industrial buildings accommodating a mixture of businesses. Further to the south east of the site lies a Tesco Superstore, to the west is a cemetery and beyond this is further residential area.

About Lidl

Lidl opened their first Lidl supermarket in Germany in 1973. Following positive customer feedback, they quickly expanded and by the 1980s, Lidl had become a household name.

The first Lidl in the UK opened in 1994 and we now have over 800 stores across Britain.

Lidl takes pride in providing top quality products at the lowest prices. The stores are operated by a network of dedicated store staff, helping to establish and develop the success of the company.

Lidl’s Proposal

The proposed Lidl foodstore will be located in the south western corner of the site and which will feature an attractive glazed frontage with a car parking area to the north of the store.

The foodstore will a gross internal area (GIA) of 2,178 sq. m with net sales of 1,410 sq. m. The foodstore will be supported by a total of 136 car parking spaces, including 6 dedicated disabled spaces and 9 parent and child spaces. The foodstore will generate around 40 full time equivalent jobs.

It is proposed that the Lidl food store will be open between the hours of:

  • 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday (including Bank Holidays), and
  • 10am to 4pm Sunday.

Normally there will be a maximum of two HGV deliveries to the store per day. All store waste will be collected at the same time as the deliveries, therefore minimising HGV movements within the site.

About Care UK

Care UK have been delivering health and social care services throughout the UK for more than 30 years. They have more than 110 care homes across the UK, including, many new, state-of-the-art homes with their own cinemas, coffee shops and hair salons.

All Care UK homes include compassionate and dedicated teams providing a wealth of care services to older people, from residential and nursing care to respite, end of life care and care for people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Care UK’s Proposal

The proposed Care UK care home will be located in the south eastern corner of the site. The care home will comprise 70 no. bedrooms split across ground, first and second floors and will be supported by a total of 26 car parking spaces for employees and visitors.

The home would provide a mix of residential, dementia and nursing care, and generate 70 full time and part-time equivalent jobs.

The home is designed to Care UK’s high standards, to ensure the compassionate, effective and efficient delivery of care in a high-quality environment. This includes an external layout with well and appropriately designed amenity spaces and internal layouts that encourage residents out of their bedrooms to a variety of day spaces. The proposal will be supported by high quality landscaping area for its residents and visitors.

About Churchill Retirement Living

Churchill Retirement Living is a privately owned, family run British Company specialising exclusively in developing attractive, purpose-built one and two bedroom retirement apartments in the UK and currently has more than 130 retirement developments across the UK.

Churchill Retirement Living pride themselves on building quality apartments in desirable locations across the UK for those looking for an active and independent retirement. Churchill Retirement Living developments are designed to take away some of the hassle and fears that can be experienced by older people and replace them with a new lifestyle that provides security and companionship.

Retirement Living Apartments offer wide-reaching benefits that meet the three pillars of sustainable development (Economic, Environmental and Social). The development of retirement housing supports investment and makes important economic contributions through local spending.

Retirement developments include a number of safety and security features that help alleviate anxieties often experienced by older home buyers. They are well located to shops and essential services, reducing the need to travel by car.

Churchill Retirement Living’s Proposal

The proposed retirement apartments would total 48 apartments. The proposal is for a traditional design, with contemporary features. Retirement Living developments have specific requirements including an owner’s lounge, reception, lodge managers office, guest suite, internal refuse room and required to be in one single apartment block. The proposed building would be three to four stories in height with the fourth storey responding to a change of level across the site, linking the three storey elements either side.

The development would include 24no. car parking spaces along with mobility buggy spaces and cycle parking. A high quality visual landscape amenity is proposed.


The proposal will provide a high-quality development which will bring back into active use an unsightly, vacant site and ultimately improve this part of Radwinter Road and Saffron Walden as a whole. The design rational of the proposed development and each component of the site has been informed by the operational requirements of each of the operator within the context of the site constraints and surrounding land uses. It is considered that the layout and design of the site promotes legibility and openness to promote safety as well as visual amenity and the design approach taken offers a high-quality design solution which respects the local setting and its context.

Lidl foodstore

As the site is located within a predominantly residential area every effort has been made to ensure the appearance of the store respects its surrounding land uses and road network, whilst providing a contemporary design which attracts custom to the store.

The foodstore building is a single storey building, of contemporary design, and features a single height glazed entrance. The northern elevation will have full height curtain wall glazing, which is an attractive feature of the store. The roof of the store is single pitched, sloping slightly upwards from east to west. Due to the building’s high specification, distinguished quality and contemporary design, it is considered that the proposed Lidl store will enhance the surrounding area.

Care UK

The design of the care home reflects the function of the layout with a strong legible frontage to the car park, providing easily identifiable access to the main reception, which accommodates the social hub of the home, with a café, cinema and hairdressers located there for use by the residents. A more discrete entry to the back of house service area is situated at the end of the east wing. The car park has provision for 27 vehicles, including dedicated spaces for disabled users, ambulances and deliveries, providing well laid out and accessible parking for all users of the home.

The accommodation within the care home is set out over three floors, it is fully compliant with the requirements of CQC and reflects best practice in the arrangement of spaces within the home, with the design providing a range of internal spaces for the residents  care and enjoyment. There are also variety of external spaces for use by the residents, including generous, well laid out and specialist designed garden areas, together with external  terraces to the upper two floors.

The elevations of the home are articulated to create interest, highlighting the proposed combination of colours and textures from a muted palette of materials, consisting of light brown multi brick with architectural masonry detailing, together with light coloured vertical and horizontal cladding, while the dark tile roof creates a broken up roofscape through a combination of hips and gables of varied heights and shapes. Large windows are provided where appropriate to create a light and airy internal environment, which is particularly beneficial for those with limited vision or dementia.

Churchill Retirement Living

The proposed site layout has developed throughout the design process in response to the context and to planning considerations. There has been careful consideration of the proximity to all site boundaries, the orientation of windows and changes in ground level. The proposal sets out to create a development which sits comfortably in its setting.

The scale and massing of the proposal has been carefully articulated to provide a traditional building with contemporary materials and features, whilst aiming to optimise the development potential of the site. The mass of the proposed development is generally three storeys in height with a four storey element at its centre, helping the scheme step as the natural ground level rises.

Situated at the front corner of the wider site, the proposal enhances the site by creating a legible and attractive building with a complementary residential scale that sits well in its context. The views towards the site from Radwinter Road will be filtered by mature existing trees that form part of the northern boundary.

The site is located within an area which has a variety of built form and materials of various degrees of quality. No particular architectural “style” or aesthetic can be said to be characteristic of the area. As a result, the proposal adopts a traditional aesthetic with contemporary features whilst using a similar palette of materials taken from the local area.

The elevations are simple but articulated with the use of projecting bays and set backs on the building frontage creating visual interest through the massing of the development. The ridge heights have been kept low and the facades simple.

An uncomplicated palette of materials have been proposed, with one type of contemporary multi buff brick and modern cladding the main two materials. A light blue / grey roof tile has been proposed throughout. The interplay of the varying materials and details establishes visual interest in the scheme.

Overall, it is considered that the design and layout of the development proposed is appropriate to the site’s setting, the nature of the site and physical forms of neighbouring land uses. For more information regarding the proposals, please view the enclosed plans and drawings in the ‘Downloads’ section.

Transport and Highway Context

Endurance Estates (Saffron Walden) Ltd have employed a specialist highway consultants, who is liaising with the local highway authority, to produce a suitable highways strategy. This will include providing a safe means of access into the site and ensures that the development will not adversely impact the surrounding road network.

It is intended that the access into the site will be provided by improvements to the existing vehicle access from Radwinter Road. From our studies this form of access is the safest and most appropriate way to enter the site.

The current building has been vacant since 2017, although the proposed development would increase the traffic generation from today’s position, it would not increase that of the previous use of the site. If necessary we will also carry out local highway improvements to ensure that any impact on the highway network is minimised.

Enhancements to the local footpath and cycle network to encourage people to travel more sustainably are proposed along with bus stop improvements and new crossing facilities.

As part of our planning application a Transport Assessment will be prepared to consider the effects of the scheme on the surrounding transport network and a Travel Plan will support the application to encourage sustainable travel. These reports will consider the effects of the proposed development on the surrounding transport network and will propose a number of mitigation measures required to support the proposal in line with national and local policy and guidance.

For further details a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) relating to Highways and Transport can be downloaded from this website.


The new proposal will provide the following benefits to the local area:

  • There is an identified need for older people housing, including both retirement living and care homes in the District and Nationally. Central Government has set out that the delivery of older people housing is critical.
  • Benefits to the public at large (in particular through savings to the NHS) will arise as a result of residents in retirement housing enjoying better health and wellbeing.
  • Retirement Living would allow independent living, reducing security worries for older people, reducing loneliness and isolation for older people by creating a community and having someone whom can be called upon in an emergency,
  • A brand-new Lidl store that will provide a clean and fresh shopping experience to meet the needs of customers;
  • The creation of jobs locally through the construction process and employment opportunities once the development has been completed.
  • A traditional building with contemporary design for all developments which will complement the surrounding area and improve the existing visual appearance of the site;
  • Economic and social benefits of older people using local shops, services and facilities. Residents are basket shoppers who support the local town centre;
  • Bespoke and attractive living for older people which would free up family housing in the area. Research has found that an average 41-unit retirement development has been shown to generate 92 moves in the housing chain, and;
  • Maximises the use of a sustainably located previously developed brownfield site to reduce the use of greenfield sites for development.

Have Your Say

We appreciate that these are very challenging times and your safety is our primary concern. This is why we are offering several ways of engaging with us, meaning those of you who are self-isolating or simply do not wish to leave your home can still get in touch with our team, have your questions answered and leave us your feedback.

Therefore, as an alternative, we would be grateful if you could complete our online questionnaire. This is available at:

If you have any other comments on the information contained in this leaflet, you can also write to us using the following email address:

If you are unable to access the online website, you can provide your comments by calling the following telephone number:

0800 148 8911

We will review all comments and look to take these on board as the planning application process progresses.

Please bear in mind, comments made to this consultation are not formal representations to the Uttlesford District Council. When a planning application is submitted in the future, there will be an opportunity to submit representations to the Council as the Local Planning Authority.

Next Steps

Thank you for taking your time in considering the proposed development and providing your feedback. We will take account of all comments and suggestions provided to us as part of this consultation exercise. We hope that you find this information useful and we are happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have on our proposals.

A Statement of Community Involvement report will be prepared in response to this consultation to highlight the comments received and how these contributed to the details of this proposal. This would be submitted to the Council in support of any planning application.

Following this consultation exercise and once we have reviewed the feedback, we anticipate a planning application will be submitted in near future to Uttlesford District Council.

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