As published in Premier Christian on the 19 December


Graham Smith has an unusual job. He is approached by, very often, a handful of members reluctantly told they want to sell their church building as they can’t keep up with the costs.

Talking to Premier Christian, Graham Smith, Charities Partner explains how he works with the community to find the best solution when selling a property on the churches behalf.

Graham also discusses the impact Covid has had, and how in 2021 we may see more small churches up for sale due to income struggles.

“A lot of the churches were already failing, Covid has just really exacerbated their closure because typically, the demographics are not the type of people who are wedded to their computers and screens and so having church services on Zoom, or Google or YouTube or whatever, would not have suited them. So that’s why they’ve probably closed and closed quicker than they might have done otherwise.”

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