From Trump to Brexit, 2016 was a year full of shocks and surprises, with experts and commentators wrong footed.  Predicting 2017 is, therefore, difficult at best, if not foolhardy.

There are, though, some trends and flashpoints which we can be sure will impact on the motor trade next year.

Firstly, demand for property is likely to remain high with a large number of requirements for both franchised and used car sites remaining unfulfilled.

The biggest issue here looks set to be the continued lack of available sites, either existing or in development, and this challenge will likely set much of the agenda for 2017.

Meanwhile, with the changes in environmental certificate (EPC) requirements being introduced in early 2018 we might expect to see some landlords looking to let less energy efficient premises at a discount towards the end of 2017, before they have to comply with the new regulations.

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