Negotiating the planning system can be tricky for any developer or housebuilder, but the challenges for promoters of strategic land are in a different league. Promoters can be seen as working against the planning system rather than with it by seeking to gain permission for sites not allocated in a local planning authority’s (LPA’s) local plan. The potential for conflict is obvious. – Property Week.

Jason Lowes, [Town Planning] partner at consultancy Rapleys, adds that getting an LPA on board is only half the battle.

The second prong is bringing the local population along as well,” he says. “It’s all very well ticking boxes with the local authority and planning officers, but if you don’t bring the community with you, then you will struggle.

“Sites can be controversial and the benefits of development can get lost. The perceived costs of development can become the only thing that people want to discuss.”

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