As published in The Planner on the 11 May

As published in Planning on the 13 May

As published in Property Week  on the 27 May


The promised planning bill has received a mixed reception from built environmental professionals, with some concerned that communities won have a voice, whilst others welcome a ‘more efficient’ planning system.

In The Planner’s response to the Queen’s speech, Jason Lowes, Town Planning Partner at Rapleys addresses the confusion over the guiding principles of the Government’s planning agenda. On the one hand, further flexibility is being added into the planning system through the expansion of permitted development, however, more interventionist powers have been introduced centrally on issues such as design.

Talking to Planning, Jason reacts to the implementation of the complex changes proposed.

Jason concurs the devil will be in the detail when talking to Property Week. The proposals potentially add another layer to an already complicated process.