Pump Rainham – Inquiry Programme

Pump Rainham – Inquiry Docs Index

ID 1 Council Opening Statement

ID 2 Appellant’s Opening Statement

ID 3 Aerial Photo Sequence of Appeal Site (2003-2020)

ID 4 Hedgerow Removal and Replacement at Appeal Site’s proposed accesses

ID 5 Pump Farm Plan Black Orchards

ID 6 UK Farm Incomes (Long Term)

ID 7 Cllr Potter’s Statement

ID 8 Pump Lane Steering Group Statement

ID 9 Mr Chishti’s Statement

ID 10 Position Reached with Highways England

ID 11 Public Right of Way application update

ID 12 Footpath Link to Lower Twydall Lane

ID 13 Ecology note on Hedgerow loss

ID 14 CIL Compliance Statement

ID 15 List of suggested conditions

ID 16 BMV note on annualised interest rates

ID 17 Local Plan Proposals Map extract

ID 17 Local Plan Proposals key

ID 18 Location of appeal sites within the District

ID 18 Location of appeal sites key

ID 19Judgement – Peel Investments (North) Limited v Secretary of State for Housing – Case No: C1/2019/2149, 2151 – Lord Justice Lewison Lord Justice Baker and Sir Stephen Richards

ID 20 Update on Access Plans, corresponding Hedgerow Removal and Movement Parameter Plan

ID 21 Appeal Decision – Land at Perrybrook (appeal ref: APP/G1630/V/14/2229497)

ID 23 Appeal Decision – Land off Silver Street (appeal ref: APP/Y1138/W/17/3172380)

ID 24 Mr and Mrs Fisher’s representation

ID 25 Additional Matters Raised In Relation To Ecology, Biodiversity And Air Quality

ID 26 Community Orchard Implementation and Management

ID 27 Cllr Potters email and plan in regards to the site visit

ID 28 HM Treasury Budget 2021 (Executive Summary & Budget Report)