As, like many other businesses, Rapleys continues to follow Government guidelines by ensuring all our staff are safely working from home. We are still operating as a fully functional property consultancy service by putting our clients at the forefront of our efforts.

Myself, fellow partners and knowledgeable teams are contactable to discuss how we may be able to assist you with your property assets during these uncertain times.

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Updated 5 May 2020

During such uncertain times following the outbreak of COVID-19, as an organisation, we at Rapleys wanted to reassure you inline with Government guidance all colleagues are set-up to work from home. By doing so, we will be able to assist you with your property and planning needs in a safe environment.

Updated 27 March 2020

We are, quite clearly, living in unprecedented times with the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and, in this context, I just wish to reassure you of Rapleys’ plans for the foreseeable future.

Essentially, as I am sure you can appreciate, the health and wellbeing of clients, staff and other contacts are of paramount importance to me as well as my board and fellow partners.

In this context, we have been taking a proactive stance in the issue of regular updates, and advice, to our teams in the interests of reducing, or delaying, COVID-19. Such advice has been relative to matters of general and personal hygiene whilst, further, seeking to limit non-essential engagements, public gatherings/events and travel (as per the Prime Minister’s latest announcements). We have also encouraged our staff to engage with clients in order to understand any general, or specific, concerns that may be held in respect of COVID-19 and any associated contact with our business. Some team members have been self-isolating, already, as a sensible and measured response to the pandemic.

However, as further pre-cautionary measure (and, in this context, please note that we have no reported cases), we are now actively encouraging our teams – with some minor exceptions – to work from home and, thereby, to only attend our offices for critical business engagements (which, of course, will need to be determined in consultation with other, involved parties). There is no doubt that we have the capability to work remotely. We have the infrastructure and technology in place (including virtual desk-top capabilities with lap-top back up) and our intention is to ensure – and deliver – business continuity. It will be business as usual, although with more reliance on the phone and e-mail rather than meetings.

Let’s get through this safely, and together.

Robert Clarke
Senior Partner

Published 17 March 2020


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