This week, the Scottish Government Reporters recommended that the next strategic development plan for South East Scotland, SESplan 2, fell far short in terms of housing targets and needed to be revised.

Planning authorities in South East Scotland have spent four years preparing a new plan and housing targets proved the main area of contention. Rapleys have always been of the opinion that the plan did not go far enough in tackling the widely acknowledged shortfall in housing within Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife and the same conclusion has been reached by the Reporters.

Key findings include:

  • 94,416 new homes need to be built across South East Scotland by 2030 – an increase of over 30,000 on what was originally proposed.
  • To meet this target, more land (not limited to previously developed/brownfield land) will need to be allocated for home building.
  • Planning authorities must recognise and address the shortfalls in supply that commonly arise as plans age. If too few homes are built in the first few years, more will need to be built in the rest of the plan period.

Following this publication James Reilly (Planning Associate, Edinburgh) comments: “we are pleased to see the findings of the Scottish Government Reporters which paralleled our thoughts as SESplan progressed. Being based in the SESplan area, the Scottish Planning Team are acutely aware of the housing issues in the region and have long advocated for further housing allocations across the numerous local authority areas. We understand that our clients wish to deliver new housing and this is a very positive step in helping them deliver this. We will certainly be taking these comments on board and advising clients on how to take their sites forward”.

Please get in touch with the Rapleys Scotland team (James Reilly, Grant Allan, David Costello and Richard Huteson) if you require any advice on new or existing development sites; or arrange to come into the office for an initial discussion on development opportunities.



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