It is an interesting time within the Rights to Light profession. Property & Planning Consultancy Rapleys LLP are backing Dan Tapscott, Head of Neighbourly Matters all the way in launching a new initiative aimed at the Rights to Light industry, suitably named ‘Light Knights‘.

Light Knights is intended to bring together Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight practitioners as well as those who work in this area including solicitors, land surveyors, insurers, software providers, CAD technicians, architects and planning consultants. The initiative has been established as a club to meet, discuss, support, learn and network with like-minded professionals regularly.

Dan Tapscott comments: ‘I believe the Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight club will benefit from such an organisation and I am delighted to be able to get this off the ground with the support of Rapleys. The Party Wall networking clubs I have been associated with have been invaluable and the aim is to make Light Knights the equivalent for all practitioners in the Rights to Light field.’

Industry Perception
Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight services have been thrust into the spotlight in recent years and as the number of specialists grow, so too does the pursuit of further knowledge.

In 2014 the Law Commission issued a review on Rights to Light practice with various recommendations to reform the industry.

In the past year new ‘ambulance chasers’ have entered the arena leading to insurers seeing a sharp rise in claims and therefore premiums impacting development viability.

In 2019, the RICS opened an APC pathway to chartership specifically for those working in the Rights to Light industry, demonstrating both the growing numbers of practitioners and requirements in the field.

Turning to Daylight & Sunlight, the application of this guidance is now widespread across local authorities. BRE Report 209 – ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: A Guide to Good Practice’ is on the cusp of being revised and there have been many new advances in technology such as climate-based modelling which may come into play soon.

Yet, despite the growing recognition of the specialism and technological advances surrounding these subjects, until now there has been no professional network of support.

Introducing Light Knights
This is not a completely untested initiative. In the mid-1970s a group of surveyors established a successful and ongoing Party Wall specialist club called the Pyramus & Thisbe Club {}. Dan has been a member of this club for over 15 years and has always found the network to be an invaluable resource. However, there is no such organisation catering for Rights to Light practitioners, hence the introduction of the Light Knights club.

The name Light Knights has been chosen not only to reflect the subject but also because members will become ambassadors to the profession – a leading light.

A forum to meet and discuss these subjects together with promoting best practice should be to the benefit of all those working in the industry.

Event Details
The inaugural event is to take place in London this coming June. The launch event shall be free to attend, with tickets allocated on a first come first served basis. Thereafter, following the establishing of a committee, the club intends to meet three times a year, to broadly coincide with the spring, summer and autumn equinox.

Robert Clarke, Senior Partner at Rapleys comments: ‘Rapleys are delighted to support Dan and the Neighbourly Matters team as they embark on this exciting venture. The platform will certainly provide mutual benefit to our professional peers and the ongoing service delivery to all clients. I wish Dan and the team the best of luck.’

More details will be shared on the dedicated Light Knights LinkedIn and website page or alternatively you can contact Dan Tapscott directly at