The new arrangements for questioning Rateable Values under the ‘Check, Challenge & Appeal’ system only apply to properties in England, but will require ratepayers to get involved in a considerable amount of administration where they have a large number of English properties.

For how to register, see below:


  • Firstly, a business will have to register through the Government Gateway website:
  • The business may already be registered and have an account but will need to obtain an Assistant or Administrator User ID and password.
  • If not already on the system, then register the business and move on to obtaining the Assistant or Administrator User ID and password.


  • This involves using the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website:
  • On the VOA website, at the bottom of the first page where it says “Before you start”, click “SIGN IN”.
  • Enter your Government Gateway User ID and password from Stage One.
  • Complete the identity verification process for which you need to provide your NI Number, date of birth and details from one of the following:
    – A payslip
    – Your UK Passport number
    – A P60
  • Register your business
  • Manage Properties – This has to be done individually, property by property, and you will need to have a PDF of the current rate bill for every English property available, but then carry on as follows:
    – Click ‘Claim Property’
    – Search for the property using the Advanced Search – for our rating clients we are able to supply a spreadsheet which, once under ‘Claim Property’, you can click the link which will take you straight to the relevant hereditament
    – When you have identified it, click ‘Claim this property’ at the bottom of the page
    – Complete the details on the next screen detailing whether you are the owner or occupier and click ‘Add property’
    – Upload a copy of your rates bill – Under ‘Manage Properties’ click ‘Appoint agent’
    – Enter your agent’s code.
    Where Rapleys is instructed to act on your behalf, enter Rapleys’ Agent Code which is 39059
    – Click ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’

• Until the registration process is complete, agents cannot get involved with their clients’ properties.

For any help on registering your business, please contact Stacey Jolly – | 07714 133953 – or Alan Watson.