As part of the Building Consultancy Group, our Neighbourly Matters team assists clients with any issues that arise during the planning or construction of schemes which will affect the neighbouring property.

The team supports developers in maximising the development potential and minimising risk on their sites from inception to completion. They also represent neighbours to construction projects to protect and preserve their assets.

Our services include:

Rights to light

We are experienced in providing advice to clients and designers and working closely with solicitors, insurers and other industry professionals.

Our Rights to Light services cover:

  • Preliminary reviews
  • Technical analysis
  • Calculation of compensation levels
  • Envelope studies and cutback analysis
  • Light Obstruction Notices
  • Strategic risk management advice for developers and neighbours to developments

Party walls

Our team assists on all aspects of administrating the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 from serving notice, conducting Schedules of Condition and publishing Awards, acting as Building Owner’s, Adjoining Owner’s and Third Surveyor.

Daylight and sunlight amenity

Our Daylight and Sunlight Amenity services include compiling studies to accompany planning applications in accordance with BRE Report 209, Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: a Guide to Good Practice.

Working alongside a design team we can assist in maximising the Daylight and Sunlight received to neighbouring properties and within developments themselves.

In addition to conducting these studies and providing representation to local authorities, we also undertake reviews of studies for local authority planning departments.

Access arrangements

We provide Access Arrangement services for crane oversail, scaffolding or hoarding requirements for construction projects.

Our input covers:

  • Initial risk management advice
  • The negotiation of licence agreements and consideration payments
  • Compiling Schedules of Condition
  • Liaison with legal teams and overseeing the practical administration of these agreements.

We are experienced in providing these services for both developers and neighbours to development.

Preliminary review

The earlier we are involved in a project means the more value we can add by maximising the development potential of your site.

Our preliminary review service provides practical and useful initial advice on each of the four topics described above. This can help inform and advise the project team during the design process to de-risk a scheme.

Boundary disputes

Our team assists with all aspects relating to Boundary disputes. From providing clarification on documents that should be reviewed, to coordinating topographical land surveys, determining potential ownership/maintenance responsibility and full CPR Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness determinations.

Delivering excellence

As a centre of Neighbourly Matters excellence operating nationally, we regularly provide seminars on the subject to developers, designers, solicitors and other professionals working in the property industry.

If your organisation would be interested in receiving one of our talks please contact us.

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