Our Strategic Land team provides expert advice to landowners and developers in relation to the promotion of potential residential land from site identification to the acquisition or sale of consented land.

In order to secure the best possible planning permission we are experts in:

  • strategic land site search
  • legal negotiation of option and promotion agreements
  • promotion and delivery of strategic land

Rapleys strategic land can guide landowners seeking a development partner as well as providing a successful resource to lead fund and development clients. Leading to long-term land market opportunities either on or off-market.

We offer bespoke professional support to our client requirements from initial site identification through to the end sale or delivery of the consented scheme.

The strategic land team works in close collaboration with our town planning colleagues by adding project management, land consultancy and financial skills to complement the promotion process.

We recognise that factors driving businesses to invest in projects, which don’t have the benefit of planning permission extend beyond planning to commercial and legal considerations.

Our core services include:

  • Advice to private and commercial landowners on asset development realisation
  • Strategic land search and analysis, including land assembly and collaboration
  • Option/promotion agreement negotiation
  • Project management and planning promotion
  • Development promotion monitoring and reporting
  • Option/promotion exercise negotiation and advice
  • Post planning project management and site delivery
  • Project viability and cash flow analysis
  • Site sales and marketing


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Building Consultancy, Lease Consultancy, Town Planning


Corporate & Investor Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Land, Town Planning