Senior Planner

Silas Willoughby is senior planner in the town planning team and has been with the business since March 2018. Silas has submitted and negotiated a wide range of planning applications across a number of sectors, including automotive & roadside, healthcare, office, residential, retain and transport and infrastructure. To support such proposals, Silas has prepared design, transport, retail, employment and general planning statements.

He advises clients directly, appraising potential site opportunities and delivering projects up to planning consent. Silas can offer expert planning advice tailored to the client’s overall aspirations and carefully manage and coordinate the preparation, submission and monitoring of a planning application, appeal and project team throughout the course of an instruction.

A particular expertise in Urban Design allows Silas to quickly identify creative and innovative design proposals and advise on how a development can integrate effectively into its surroundings using bespoke design initiatives.

Silas has worked on a number of large-scale residential developments in London, Berkshire, Surrey and South Gloucestershire, advising clients on the appointment of technical consultants, and managing project teams to obtain planning consents for various commercial clients.