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Carl Cavallo

Senior Design Analyst



Carl Cavallo expertise

  • BA(Hons) Geography
  • RICS Geomatics Division

Carl joined Rapleys in May 2024 as a Senior Design Analyst within the Neighbourly Matters team, providing Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight services.

Carl brings extensive technical expertise and industry knowledge and is well known within the Rights to Light / Daylight & Sunlight community. Previously, he worked with MBS Software, our analysis software provider. At Rapleys, Carl will be working as our in-house Design Analyst, focusing on our analysis and 3D models before transitioning to a consulting role where he will advise clients on the technical data we produce.

With experience in both private and public sectors, Carl’s background in Geomatics as a land surveyor includes significant projects such as Royal London & St. Barts Hospitals PPP, Crossrail Smithfields, and Crossrail Liverpool Street. His self-employed ventures include the Heron Tower development and working with the Government DTI on framework projects.

Since 2011, Carl has dedicated his career to Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight, successfully overseeing residential and commercial projects from conception to completion. His expertise in daylight software and comprehensive understanding of various metrics ensure projects meet all budgets and requirements. Carl’s belief in the power of collaboration and excellent communication makes him well placed to make your project succeed.

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Senior Design Analyst

Carl Cavallo