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Receive expert guidance throughout the new homes development and sales process

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Benefit from expert guidance and advice through the new homes development and sales process, ensuring your interests are protected and the most desirable prices are achieved for your residential assets.

The Rapleys New Homes experts work to ensure the optimum use of land, developments and new homes to maximise return on investment whilst understanding the needs and wants of consumers.

We add value to developments by working with our clients from initial conception of the scheme through to final completion, maximising sales rates and achievable values.

We can advise you on market demand, pricing structures, unit mix, branding and placemaking and sales strategies, supported by high quality sales assets to demonstrate the strength and quality of your product.

Our team of property professionals use modern technology and bring a hands-on, proactive and positive attitude to all that we do to support in making your development a success, no matter the market conditions in which it is being promoted.

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Gain national and local expertise through our multidisciplinary teams of experts.

Partner – Head of Rapleys New Homes

Mat Shenton

Partner & Head of Rapleys Living – Residential

Angus Irvine