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Environmental Impact Assessments

Understand the environmental consequences of your project by working with our experts.

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Assess and understand the environmental consequences of your proposed development project by working with our experts

Our experienced team will coordinate the data, insight and analysis needed to support decision making surrounding environmental challenges and attributes related to your scheme. This will help you overcome, mitigate or even rethink aspects of the plans for example design, timeline, density and landscaping.

Through coordinating comprehensive assessments (and contributing to key chapters as well as providing non-technical summaries), we can advise on measures that can be taken to minimise negative impacts or to add in further positive attributes relating to the local authority, stakeholders and community groups. This may be particularly relevant if your site is local to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, heritage or other sensitive areas.

We have a strong track record in achieving consents for the most complicated sites thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expertise in this field.

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