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Development Consultancy

Benefit from development consultancy advice from our industry specialists.

Residential development

Benefit from development consultancy advice from inception to delivery, management or exit with our industry specialists

We provide individual services such as market analysis and feasibility studies, and devise full strategies to deliver all services to meet your objectives and targets.

Whether you want to calculate the likely end value of a development and the residual development profit or are looking to satisfy lenders or investors, our experts can conduct a financial appraisal of your development at any stage.

Our expertise and experience in assessing and detailing the cost of developments, whatever their make-up gives you full transparency throughout. We have a strong track record in private housing, mixed use and mixed tenures meaning you can have confidence in an accurate valuation across the various stages of development.

If the cost of materials increases or there are unexpected delays on site or a decision is made to tweak the design or number of units for various different factors, we will be able to calculate what’s feasible for you. We will detail what impact this will have on cost and profit in order to support the decision making process and advise on any next steps required.

This also helps to support the development management and cost consultancy of a development. We work closely with our in-house experts in both of these disciplines to stay within budget and ensure profit margins are protected and maintained throughout the development lifecycle.

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Gain national and local expertise through our multidisciplinary teams of experts.

Partner & Head of Residential – Residential

Nick Fell

Partner & Head of Rapleys Living – Residential

Angus Irvine

Partner – Head of Public Sector Development Consultancy

Jonathan Bernstein

Partner – Charities Not for Profit

Adam Harvey

Partner – Charities Not for Profit

Graham Smith

Partner – Head of Rapleys New Homes

Mat Shenton

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