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Rapleys Secures a Place on CHIC’s Healthy Homes Framework

Simon Harbour

Simon Harbour

Partner – Building Consultancy

23rd Apr 2024

Justin Tuckwell

Justin Tuckwell

Managing Partner

Martin Gladwin

Martin Gladwin

Partner – Head of Housing Consultancy

Rapleys is delighted to announce that it has been successfully appointed to CHIC’s Healthy Homes Framework under Lot 1 Consultancy services, sub Lot 1a – Asset Management. This achievement reflects our commitment to delivering high quality decarbonisation and building safety services and solutions in collaboration with CHIC.

About the Framework:

The Healthy Homes Framework is an integral part of CHIC’s commitment to providing compliant procurement solutions and commercial support to its members. This comprehensive four-year framework encompasses a diverse range of solutions designed to enhance residential properties and improve tenants lives.

CHIC’s members, including more than 200 housing associations and local authority affordable housing landlords, are all now working through their own solutions to achieve net zero targets. So, following consultation, CHIC has established this new framework to enable its members to engage all the support needed to survey, plan and deliver retrofit and building works and services.

Compliant with PAS 2030 and 2035 and Building Safety Bill standards, it serves as a unified solution for landlords to realise their net-zero emissions goals. By integrating goods, works and services, it streamlines the process of surveying, design, coordination, assessment and implementation, making sustainability and safety more attainable.

Rapleys’ Statement:

“We are delighted to be appointed to CHIC’s Healthy Homes Framework. This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for Rapleys to contribute to effective delivery of crucial works and services for CHIC’s members. We look forward to delivering exceptional services and fostering long lasting partnerships.”

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