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Dilapidations resolution at Building 4 Chiswick Park, London, W4  

Our proactive approach successfully negotiated a dilapidations settlement 38% lower than the original claim

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Rob Buckland

Rob Buckland

The project

Through a combination of legal acumen, professional assessments, and effective communication, Rapleys successfully negotiated a dilapidations settlement that safeguarded our client’s financial interests. The final agreement reflected a fair distribution of responsibilities, minimising the financial impact on the tenant while maintaining a positive landlord-tenant relationship.



  • Ambiguous Lease Terms: The lease agreement lacked clarity regarding the extent of the tenant’s repairing obligations, leading to uncertainty on both parties’ sides.
  • Contentious Dilapidations Schedule: The landlord presented a comprehensive dilapidations schedule, claiming extensive repairs, redecoration, and reinstatement works. The tenant contested several items, arguing that they were either pre-existing issues or not within their responsibility.
  • Timing Pressures: The tenant faced tight timelines for vacating the premises and completing the dilapidations settlement, adding pressure to an already complex process.

Our solution

  • Thorough Lease Examination: Conducting a meticulous review of the lease agreement we clarified ambiguous terms and identified areas open to interpretation.
  • Professional Survey and Assessment: We conducted a detailed property assessment, carefully scrutinising each item on the dilapidations schedule. This allowed us to differentiate between genuine tenant responsibilities and pre-existing conditions.
  • Strategic Communication: Maintaining open, transparent communication channels with the landlord, we discussed concerns, clarified positions, and sought common ground.
  • Negotiation: Leveraging negotiation skills, we engaged in constructive landlord discussions to reach a reasonable settlement that was 38% down from the original claim.

This case exemplifies the importance of proactive measures in addressing dilapidations disputes. By employing a comprehensive approach that includes legal analysis, professional assessments, and strategic negotiations, we successfully navigated the complexities of the dilapidations settlement process, securing a favourable outcome for our client.

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