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International retailer’s non-operational property portfolio

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Proactively managed the portfolio to maximise value and minimise risk

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Adam De Acetis

Adam de Acetis

The project

Rapleys was appointed as a property consultant to manage the portfolio proactively. The portfolio encompasses the non-operational properties where the client owns property which they do not occupy or have a sub-lease on a similar basis.

The general remit was to maximise value and to minimise risk and to provide a data audit to provide a basis to manage the portfolio within a derived contractual and legislative structure.

Our solution

  • The data audit resulted in finding and delivering c£750,000 in contracted revenue that was previously unidentified
  • The data analysis has provided a complete base to report correctly and concisely and to advise timely on lease events to maximise income and minimise costs
  • Transactionally, we have negotiated several new leases and opportunistic lease regears to protect and increase income streams
  • The debt recovery position improved from 53% collection of due rents when we took over the instruction in December 2019 to 93% currently. We have done this by proactively working through tenants Administrations and CVA’s, agreeing contractual payment plans with tenants and ongoing stronger debt control
  • Delivered over 1600 test point inspections within the client’s non occupied Portfolio, to safeguard the clients statutory, insurance and reputational position
  • Working closely with other service lines within Rapleys, actively managing the client’s obligations on building maintenance and managing tenant’s lease obligations.

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