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Mixed use development, Hampton Court

Alexpo Ltd

Secured planning permission following an appeal and public inquiry

Mixed-use development, Hampton Court





James Owens

James Owens

The project

The proposal involved 97 homes and a hotel, a small foodstore, café and other retail on land around Hampton Court Station. The client, Alexpo (IOM) Ltd, submitted a joint application with Network Rail.

Planning permission was refused by Elmbridge Borough Council and an appeal was therefore lodged. A public inquiry was held and James Owens of Rapleys gave all the planning evidence. Rapleys also provided direct professional access to the barrister and co-ordinated the appeal for the client.

The appeal was successful and planning permission was granted.

Our solution

  • Coordinated the consultant team on behalf of the client
  • Provided direct profession access to the barrister
  • Gave planning evidence at the public inquiry
  • Dealt with over 1,800 objections
  • Helped secure a successful outcome with the Inspector allowing the appeal and granting planning permission
  • Delivered in a tight timescale, taking just six months from lodging the appeal through to obtaining planning permission.

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