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Onboarding new property management instruction at short notice

Onboarding a new property management instruction comprising 37 properties located throughout the UK.

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Tim Richards

The project

In 2019 the Property & Asset Management team took over a portfolio of 37 properties (200 units, £5m rent roll), predominately retail, throughout the UK at short notice.

The portfolio was handed over on 2 weeks’ notice, just before a quarter day and the rent invoices had not been issued by the previous managing agent. We set everything up within 48 hours and issued the invoices.

All properties were inspected and a programme of works incorporated into service charge works or recharged to tenants.

With the challenges presented by COVID and the various lockdowns from March 2020, there was increased dialogue with tenants to assess ability to pay, agree payment plans or other support and discuss options to regear leases or remove break clauses in retune for rent free periods.

Our solution

The portfolio requires input across many teams (Property Management, Asset Management, FM, H&S, Lease Advisory, Agency, Building Consultancy) requiring all teams to work closely to achieve the right solution for the client/property and the various stakeholders.

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