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Stock condition survey validation for a client portfolio

Midland Heart Housing

Provided independent assurances on existing stock condition data

Stock Condition Survey Validation for Midland Heart Housing

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Martin Gladwin

Martin Gladwin

The project

Following implementation of a new asset management database, Rapleys Housing Consultancy was commissioned to provide independent and comprehensive assurances that the client’s existing stock condition data was accurate, up to date, reflective of the condition of the portfolio and provided robust and accurate predictions of future investment requirements over a 30-year period for future investment planning purposes and wider strategic objectives.

Rapleys initially completed a detailed desktop validation exercise to 1,000 selected surveys to identify any data gaps or trends. This included a full evaluation of component data, Decent Homes, HHSRS and energy data. Our review carefully considered potential trends by property archetypes, individual surveyors, geographic location and year of survey.

Rapleys completed on-site validation surveys to 250 individual properties, ensuring a proportionate representation of the portfolio. We rapidly mobilised a dedicated survey team to ensure consistency of approach and assessments, a vital ingredient when undertaking validation surveys. All site survey work was completed within 3 weeks, supported by our Resident Liaison Team and the client working in partnership.

Following detailed analysis of our findings, we issued our comprehensive report two weeks ahead of programme. Providing both summary and detailed results, our client has delivered our recommendations to ensure their extensive dataset continues to be accurate, comprehensive and in line with best practice into the future.

Our solution

  • Independent and comprehensive validation of 1,250 assets in three weeks
  • Dedicated and experienced survey team completed on-site surveys and desktop analysis of existing data
  • Rapleys identified and highlighted strengths, weaknesses and trends in existing data through specialised analytical tools
  • As a team of asset managers, Rapleys Housing Consultancy provided practical and effective recommendations to improve the accuracy of data
  • Our client has delivered our recommendations, resulting in a more accurate dataset and increased confidence in future investment planning.

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