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S278 – Barry M Junction, Mill Hill

The Inglis Consortium LLP

Rapleys LDPM team were appointed by Inglis Consortium to oversee the design and build process of new aligned Barry M junction at Frith Lane at the Mill Hill Development

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Jason Mound

Jason Mound

The project

Rapleys Land Development Project Management were appointed by Inglis Consortium to oversee the design and build process of the new aligned Barry M junction off Frith Lane at the Mill Hill Development, North London. The works included the procurement of service diversions impacting the proposed junction. Following the completion of works, Rapleys are responsible for coordinating the release of bonds and the hand
over to London Borough of Barnet.


Following excavation of the junction, it was found that further gas and water mains were required for diversion from Cadent Gas and Affinity Water respectively. This caused a delay in completing the works and a further constraint within the traffic management licence period.

Our solution

  • Openreach have been out to lower their asset following a vacuumed excavation carried out by Natta.
  • Rapleys were in correspondence with Affinity water, who agreed that there was sufficient depth for their water main.
  • Cadent have agreed to come out at a later date to divert their main.
  • Natta have resumed works to complete and reinstate the junction prior to road space booking finishing.
  • An additional visit is required to complete the remainder of the junction following further approval of traffic management from Barnet Council.

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