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Sample stock condition survey and EPCs

Albyn Housing Society

Completed sample stock condition survey of a client’s portfolio (including EPCs) laying foundations for future investment planning and energy efficiency improvements

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Martin Gladwin

Martin Gladwin

The project

Rapleys Housing Consultancy was appointed by Albyn Housing Society in May 2022 to complete a sample stock condition survey of their portfolio. The brief was to complete nearly 1,000 stock condition surveys to their residential portfolio and over 200 Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to properties that did not have a valid EPC.

The objective of the survey was to provide an independent opinion of the 30-year profile of re-investment required for the properties, to provide data for future asset management and inform options for delivery of energy efficiency improvements. A key target outcome for the survey was to provide Albyn Housing Society with a clear understanding of performance against Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) and EESSH energy data.

All surveys were completed using Rapleys tablets, uploading all survey data direct into our client’s Asprey Asset Management software solution, including photographs.

Following mobilisation and early resident engagement activities, we completed 750 stock condition surveys and 202 EPCs in October 2022. We provided our client with comprehensive reports, photographic schedules, SHQS and EESSH analysis, and planned investment benchmarking services to inform future business planning.

Rapleys provided presentations to our clients Board and Senior Leadership Team during and on completion of the project. Our commitment to partnership working ensured a full understanding of project progress, results and impact for our client and all stakeholders.

Our solution

  • Deployment of surveyors across the Scottish Highlands
  • Successful use of 3rd party asset management software
  • Exceptional levels of survey data including Scottish Housing Quality Standard and Safety issues
  • Proactive and intensive resident engagement enabled Rapleys to achieve 75% access in remote rural locations
  • Presentations to Board and Senior Management Teams, laying the foundation for future investment planning and energy efficiency improvements

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