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Travel Plan Car Club – Mill Hill

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Rapleys appointed by Inglis Consortium to oversee the travel plan objectives at Mill HIll for an Enterprise Car Club

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Jason Mound

Jason Mound

The project

Rapleys Land Development Project Management were appointed by Inglis Consortium to oversee the travel plan objectives at Mill Hill. One of the S106 conditions implemented during planning included employing two car club spaces at the development. Car Club is a self service vehicle rental scheme, lead by Enterprise which allows the check in and out of self drive vehicles on an hourly or daily rate.

Following the successful application of the first car club , a second addition has come in demand. The location of the car club is on a proposed adopted road and this can have potential impacts on the section 38 agreement and commuted sums. Rapleys are leading on meetings with High Barnet Council to ensure that the scheme is placed in the community heart, while not infringing on highway adoption.

Our solution

Rapleys coordinated a meeting with Enterprise to establish the use of electric vehicles for the first and second car club bay.

A meeting has now been arranged with Barnet Council to understand the potential impacts of an electric only car club which is located on the proposed adopted highways. This could conclude in a variation of agreement.

There is opportunity to move the scheme to another area of the development, to not infringe on the S38 Agreement with the Highway Authority. Meetings are being held with the Authority Officials to understand how this scheme will be shaped.

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