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Protect your development and your neighbour’s property with our experienced party wall experts.

Tall buildings

Ensure your development and your neighbour’s property are protected by working with our experienced party wall experts

They can advise what you need to agree before work takes place and have a strong track record in avoiding and resolving timely and costly disputes.

By having agreements in place early on, situations can be avoided that can be extremely costly, delay projects unnecessarily, cause reputational damage and even have potentially dangerous or damaging implications for the future of a building project.

The team also advise, negotiate and broker access licences from crane oversail to scaffolding agreements.

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Gain national and local expertise through our multidisciplinary teams of experts.

Partner & Head of Neighbourly Matters – Building Consultancy

Dan Tapscott

Associate Partner – Building Consultancy

Richard Howard

Head of Party Wall – Building Consultancy

Jason Evans

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